About Us

Dock-n-chock was designed and brought to market by the owner of dnc Limited in 2007. It had evolved from years of dealing with a recurring problem.

The problem was not finding a structurally sound wheel chock when you need it. The question became: If it’s your wheel needing to be chocked, why isn’t the chock conveniently with the vehicle?

It took 20 years of driving experience with a 20-year career in aviation and designing options for helicopters before it all came together. Patented and Trade Marked dock-n-chock celebrated lift off in 2007 with an exciting hot air balloon ride.

Became Allied Members with American Trucking Association in 2008 with our debut in New Orleans at the A.T.A. convention.

Over the next few years, working with different customers, we learned how common the need for a secure dedicated chock storage was important, yet was not available anywhere else in the market. We also discovered there are companies requiring their drivers to use two chocks, one for each side of one wheel.

This is where the development of our double chock holder was designed and to date has become our most popular unit.

Our customers and fleets have shared with us how having a means to store a/or the wheel chocks with the vehicle has instantaneously created a system of practice that was not previously being used.

Dock N Chock Limited would like to say a “thank you” to all our customers and companies for their support. It was from their feedback and their company’s requirements for chocking, our new double chockholder has proven to be equally as desired as the single chock holder!

We invite and encourage our customers, corporations with fleets as well as independent drivers to share with us your pictures and experiences in using our dock-n-chock storage containers.