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Chock Storage

A convenient location for storage of the wheel chocks with a orange faced container. It securely holds the chock while not in use.

A convenient location for storage of the wheel chocks with a orange faced container. It securely holds the chock while not in use.

Chock Storage


Our trademark and patented dock n chock product is available in one chock or two chock stage options

With the Dock-N-Chock product, you are providing a reliable system to the driver. This product will become part of the vehicle’s equipment. Just by installing these units, you are immediately creating a SYSTEM that is hard to ignore by your drivers and those around your equipment. There are no other existing products that store the wheel chock, with a built in notification for the driver, like our trademark and patented Dock-N-Chock.


I am always looking for ways to improve safety and reduce overhead. This system looks like it would be consistent, logical and cost effective. In our winter months, because of the snow and plowing, our wheel chocks left on the ground, would disappear. Keeping the wheel chock with the trailers would solve a lot of our dock safety issues and reduce my overhead.


26 years warehouse manager

I think this is an excellent product to help keep everyone safe! I’ve seen drivers come in and not find any chocks to block their rigs. With the dock-n-chock system that wouldn’t be a problem. My company has spent a lot of money on dock safety, dock locks, mechanical wheel chocks, on and on. The problem with that is, it was very expensive and the items were always breaking down. I wish we had this dock-n-chock system earlier, looks like it will create a safer environment.

Mr. Jim

After 23 years from warehouse distribution

Drivers Benefits:


Having a common, convenient, dedicated, storage for a safety wheel chock.


Flag notification to alert them and others that the wheel chock is out of the box and needs to be placed back in storage.


Having a wheel chock with them wherever they go, as well as road side break downs & D.O.T. inspections.

Company Benefits:


Assurance you provided your drivers with a system of uniformity.


No excuses for drivers not having a wheel chock.


Practices among your employees easily become routine.


Reduce wheel chock damage and loss.


Future savings.


*The chock chosen to use with any holder offered by dnc Limited must be end user tested to insure they meet requirements

*Dock-N-Chock’s design provides dedicated storage of the wheel chock on the vehicle. The storage container has a notification flag that extends from the container when the chock is removed.

*The extended flag signifies only that the chock is out of the box.

*The location of where the wheel chock is placed is determined by the driver and ultimately by the warehouse personnel.

*It is the final responsibility of the warehouse/equipment operator to verify the proper placement of the wheel chock before entering the back of the trailer or box truck.

*Proper bending and lifting techniques must be applied when using dock-n-chock’s storage of wheel chock.